FAQ at the Contact Lens Department!

Questions and thoughts pop up every once in a while when shopping on the Internet. We are always interested in you opinions and thoughts so please tell us what you’re thinking. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) at Customer Support. Question categories are found in the left menu.

General Questions

Contact Lenses

What are contact lenses?
Eye glasses change the focus of light on the eye so that the picture on the retina becomes well focused. If one is short-sighted the glasses spread light, and if one is far-sighted the glasses concentrate the light. Contact lenses do exactly the same thing, but are made of materials that sit directly on the eye instead of on the nose.
Do contact lenses stop UV-light?
There are lenses that have some UV-blocking, but there are no lenses that stop the dangerous UV-light completely. Contact lenses only cover a part of your eyes and therefore should not be used as substitute for sunglasses with UV-protection.
Can a contact lens get lost behind the eye?
No, a membrane between the eye and the brain keeps objects from coming in behind the eye. If a contact lens disappears from the cornea it is somewhere under the eyelid.

Lens parameters

Where do I find my lens parameters?
You can find your lens parameters either on your lens package or on your prescription. The parameters stated are (PWR) Refractive power, (BC) Base curve, (DIA) Diameter and eventually (AX) Axis and (CYL) Cylinder. The values are sorted under (OS) for the left eye and (OD) for the right eye. The lens package or prescription will also state the lens type and brand. If you have any questions about your lens information you are welcome to contact out customer support.
What is Base Curve (BC) and radius?
The base curve and radius are different names for the lens cup-size. You can find your BC-measurement either on your lens package or on your prescription. Or ask your optician.
What is diameter (DIA)?
The diameter (DIA) states the measurement straight across the lens and differs depending on the lens type.
What does axis (AX) and cylinder (CYL) stand for?
Axis and cylinder are to values that describe astigmatism. Astigmatism is a refractive error and can be corrected with toric lenses. Read more about astigmatism…

Lens products

Are EyeQ Premium, Freshcare and Bioflex identical to Biomedics 55 Evolution?
Yes, the original lens is called Biomedics 55 Evolution. Several chains of opticians have chosen to change the name and package of this lens in order to market them as their own brand. Shopping4net sell the lens under its original name Biomedics 55 Evolution.
Are Acuvue, Acuvue2, Acuvue Advance and Acuvue Oasys monthly lenses or fortnightly lenses?
All of these Acuvue lenses can be prescribed as fortnightly and monthly lenses. Always follow your optician prescription on how often you should change your lenses in order to avoid complication.
Can I use FreshLook One Day Color without going through a fitting if I am currently using Focus Dailies daily lenses?
Yes, if you have a prescription for Focus Dailies you can also use FreshLook One-Day Colour without getting fitted.

Price and Quality

Can I buy coloured lenses without being fitted?
No, even if we sell lenses without strength they require fitting by a licensed optician. This is to ensure a healthy eye. Without you trying the lense earlier, we can not guarantee the color results or fit.
How is it possible for Shopping4net to sell contact lenses so much cheaper than my optician?
The answer is large volumes, low costs and smart logistical solutions. Most opticians only meet a few lens bearers per day. In order for them to get volume discounts with their suppliers, the opticians need to fill a certain quota of orders. That’s why it may take days or week for you to get your contacts. At Shopping4net we don’t sit around waiting before we order your lenses, we try to already have them in stock.

The opticians need to keep a high margin on there sales prices, in order to meet the costs of rent, personnel and storage etc. Since our shop is exclusively on-line, we don’t have the costs of a “physical” store.

We focus on keeping the largest possible stock of contact lenses, and on finding new logistical solutions. Our goal is to offer the quickest, easiest and most convenient way of shopping lenses.
Why should I buy my contact lenses at Shopping4net?
  • 40-60% cheaper than at the optician.
  • Only original products from well-known manufacturers.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Lens guarantee ( we replace all broken lenses)
  • Personal service.
Can I be certain that the lenses I’ve ordered are original items?
Medical products, such as lenses, must always be identical no matter where or by whom they are sold. Therefore you can be certain that the lenses you buy at Shopping4net are identical to the ones you’ve bought at the opticians. The only difference is that Shopping4net offers a cheaper, quicker and easier way of shopping.

Refractive error

What is astigmatism?
Astigmatism is a sort of refraction error caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. Toric lenses are used to correct astigmatism. Read more about astigmatism.
Can refractive errors come with ageing?
Yes, refractive errors can come later in life. The ability to focus and see well at short distances decreases with age. When this change in the lens occurs, the lens may be distorted and refractive errors may arise. If a refractive error already exists it can become greater or lesser through the change.

Questions about lens products

24 hour lenses

What are 24 hour lenses?
24 hour lenses are made out of a material that lets a lot of oxygen through to the eye, because of this the lenses can be carried 24 hours for one week up to a month. In order to change to 24 hour lenses ask your lens optician what lenses are right for you.

Coloured lenses

Will what I see be coloured by coloured lenses?
Opaque lenses are clear over the pupil, while the rest of the lens is coloured. Opaque lenses do not colour your vision. The opposite of opaque lenses are enhancers. Enhancer lenses are entirely tinted, even over the pupil area. Thus, you see through a coloured filter. The eye naturally adapts to the condition after a short while, and the situation will not be experienced as disturbing.
What coloured lenses are best suited for dark eye colours respective light eye colours?
In order to enhance light eyes (blue, green and grey) the Enhancer type lens is the best choice. These intensify your own eye colour without changing them dramatically. Naturally dark eyes are unnoticeably effected by enhances, but can be changed by opaque lenses.

Daily lenses

Am I required to cleans and tend to daily lenses?
No, daily lenses are disposable lenses that you only use once and then discard before going to sleep. This easy and convenient way of carrying lenses combine hygiene and visual acuity every day.
Can daily lenses be used more than once?
No, dispose of them after one use.

Lens Solution

What lens solution should I choose?
You should use the lens solution prescribed by your optician. At Shopping4net we sell the most common all-in-one solutions at great prices.
I’m all out of lens solution; can I clean my lenses with regular water?
No. Never clean your lenses with anything other than lens solution. Regular water may contain bacteria that are harmful to your eyes. You should always use the lens solution prescribed by your optician. Besides cleaning your lenses you should clean the lens case, in order to keep it clean from bacteria and dirt.

Toric Lenses

What are toric lenses?
Toric lenses correct astigmatic refraction errors. Read more about astigmatism…
I use toric monthly lenses but would like to try daily lenses. But I can’t find toric daily lenses with my lens parameters. Why?
The variety of toric daily lenses is rather limited, an estimate 50% of all lens bearers with astigmatism can use toric daily lenses. In order to change to daily lenses you should contact your optician to see if there are any daily lenses that suit you.

Questions about opticians and prescriptions

Eye Examinations

How often should I have my eyes examined?
You should have your eyes examined at least once a year. Your eyes and sight change, and you should have them controlled regularly to make sure the lenses you wear are still the right ones for you and make sure that don’t have any side affects.
Do I have to continue having my eye examined even if I order contact lenses from Shopping4net?
No matter were you buy your lenses; you should have your eyes examined at least once a year since eyes and sight may change.
Are there any differences between eye examinations for eye glasses and lenses?
Examinations for contact lenses are more extensive. Besides stating the strength of the lens you also need to take measurements of the eyes and eyelids and make sure there are no eye diseases. Since the lens is in direct contact with your eye, you have to make sure it lets through enough oxygen and doesn’t cause and pain.

Getting your lenses fitted

Will my contacts have the same strength as my eye glasses?
Not necessarily, the strength in contact lenses may be, and often are weaker than in the eye glasses. In order to get contact lenses you should go to a optician specialized in contact lenses.
Can I get fitted at the optician, without having to buy my contacts there?
Yes, you may buy your lenses where ever you like. You can always keep a copy of your journal were all prescriptions and parameters will be stated.

Prescriptions when ordering

Do I have to send in a copy of my prescription in order to buy lenses at shopping for net?
You don’t need to send us a copy, but you are required to have a valid prescription of the lens type you wish to order, and guarantee us that you have it by verifying “The lenses I am ordering have been prescribed to me by a legitimate optician” on our ordering page. You will also have to verify this if ordering by phone, letter or fax.

Questions about sporting with lenses

Sporting and Bathing

Can I use my lenses when sporting?
Sure you can. Lenses are more flexible and convenient than eye glasses especially when it comes to physical activity. You don’t have to worry about your lenses falling out and breaking. You’re optician can help you find the right type of lenses for you and your sporting activities.

Questions about usage

Common problems

How can I know if my lenses are giving me problems?
If you carefully follow your optician’s orders and advice you shouldn’t have any serious problems with your lenses. But you should always be alert to any signs of discomfort. If your eyes start itching or become red or if the lenses irritate your eyes in any way you should remove them as soon as possible and rest your eyes till they are better. If the lenses continue to irritate, you should contact your optician for examination.
My eyes become irritated when I use lenses. What should I do?
First of all make sure that the lenses you are using are the ones you’ve been prescribed. Also make sure that they aren’t defect. Contact our customer support if you have any questions. If the problems remain remove your lenses and contact your optician for examination.
What should I do if a lens breaks while I cleans or handle it?
Through it away and take a new one. You can’t use a broken lens.
What should I do if my lenses don’t feel comfortable?
You shouldn’t use lenses that don’t feel comfortable. Make sure that the lenses you are using are the ones you’ve been prescribed. Also make sure that they aren’t defect. Otherwise, contact your optician for advice.

For new users

I have never used lenses before. Where do I start?
First and foremost make an appointment with an optician to get your lenses fitted. The optician will then recommend a lens that meets your particular needs. You will also be shown how to tend to your lenses and how to handle them correctly. You will be given a prescription, and after that you are welcome to order your lenses at Shopping4net.


What can happen if I use lenses that aren’t specifically fitted for my eyes?
It may be injurious to use un-prescribed lenses. Mostly, it will not feel right and you just won’t be able to use it. But a lens can be injurious even if it feels comfortable. If your eyes become damaged by using lenses that aren’t prescribed to you, nobody can be held responsible except your self.
What can happen if I use my lenses longer than recommended?
The risks of using lenses longer than recommended vary from person to person. But they will increase if you clean them poorly and let residue build-up.
Is it dangerous if I sleep in my lenses?
To sleep in lenses that aren’t specifically meant to be slept in increases the risk of infection and inflammation. If you sleep in them often it may lead to long-term damage. If it happens by accident once in a blue moon, you make wake up with sore eyes, but it is rarely dangerous.
What happens when I sleep in my lenses?
During sleep eye movement is minimal, and the natural cleansing the eye receives when blinking isn’t as effective. That is when bacteria and residue builds up on the lens which can lead to an eye infection. Newer contacts in silicone let through more oxygen and can be slept in. Always consult your optician on how your contacts can be used.
Can I use my contacts when I have a cold?
When you have a cold or allergies you should let your eye rest, in order to prevent infection. A cold brings bacteria that can be bad for the eye. Use eye glasses during this period.
Can my eyes become injured if I don’t use my lenses?
No. In fact it’s not a bad idea to let your eyes rest and breath every once in a while and that you use eye glasses instead, if needed.
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